New Domain and New Direction

by Liz

I assume that if you’re reading this post you’ve either stumbled upon my blog by chance or were directed here from my old home at blogspot.  In any case, I welcome you to my new WordPress blog and would like to talk for a moment about the new direction that I hope to take this blog.

For now, my blog is still under it’s original moniker, Musings of a College Witch.  That title was fairly apt for my blog because it was primarily ‘musings’, in other words: Liz rambling on about some things with some links and pictures thrown in.  That’s all well and good, but I would really like to take this web experience in a new direction, and this domain switch seemed an appropriate time to do just that.

My hope for this new blog is to have a gorgeous layout and include articles, book reviews, movie reviews, spells and all sorts of other goodies.  I have to acquaint myself with how WordPress works after all…  I would also like to include things that happen in my life, but have them much more centered around my witchcraft and magical life.

For the time being my blogspot blog will stay up as a reminder of where this all started, and eventually I’ll be taking it down… my hope is that all of my wonderful blogspot followers will join me here on my new site and continue to read, comment and be lovely.  In light of this switch of domains (and also to shamelessly plug my new locale) I’m in the process of putting together a little giveaway that I’ll be tying in to some upcoming post.  Right now the giveaway plans are tentative at best, but there will be a post dedicated to it when the time comes.  For now, I just have to begin putting down all the ideas for articles and reviews so I can begin to flesh them out and post them!

Thanks again for reading, and please come back to read more.  I look forward to your reactions and input!