New Year and Name Trouble

by Liz

As the new year approaches I find myself cleaning house on all fronts. I’ve been determinedly cleaning my parent’s house, as well as my own apartment, both physically and magically. While physically tackling the dirt, clutter, etc. I am also chasing away any negativity or bad feelings that may reside in the place I am dwelling. I am also going through all of my magical books and tools to sort and find new homes for the things that I don’t use, giving to people I care about and paring down to only what I want and use.

I’ve also been technologically cleaning house, which the new year time is also great for: I’ve switched blog domains and am consolidating / updating my lists of blogs, podcasts and internet presences. I’m indexing and organizing all of my files, and making all of my techno-stuff neat and tidy. This feels just as good (to me) as the physical cleaning, as technology is such a part of my life, whether I want it to be or not.

Like so many others, I like the idea of setting goals for the new year. That way, I can work towards them, even if they are a bit lofty.  Here are my personal goals for 2011:

  • To be a more responsible student
  • Do more magic
  • Spend more time on crafts
  • Improve my skills of divination
  • Learn the tarot
  • Spend more time with my family
  • Blog more
  • Write a chapbook

In 2011 I also plan on launching a podcast with my friend Iolair (Ben). The podcast is going to be about magical arts and crafts. We’ll be discussing the crafting of witchy things; some topics will include: woodworking, fiber arts, painting, drawing, sculpting, and sewing. We plan to discuss all of that and much more, but we’ve run into a bit of a sticky spot.  Both Ben and I are at a total loss for what to name the podcast. As such, we really need some help figuring out a name.  If anyone has any suggestions, please leave them as a comment or e-mail them to me at, I’d be so grateful for any and all suggestions.

I’ve also changed the name of the blog from Musings of a College Witch to College Witchery… I also need to eventually come up with a new name for my personal blog as I won’t be a college student in a few years (well, it seemed more pressing before I realized I have at least an academic year and a half to go before I finish my undergrad work…).

In any event, I wish all of you a blessed new year; may you have health, prosperity and happiness!