Podcast Review: Witches Brew HaHa

by Liz

Contrary to how I thought I would kick off my Podcast Reviews, I’ve decided to opt for reviewing a podcast I only recently started listening to, Witches Brew HaHa. According to the Zune feed of WBHH, the podcast is a year old today as it kicked off January 4, 2010!

This podcast is absolutely delightful. Hostess Velma Nightshade is quite entertaining and produces an insightful and funny podcast, tackling all sorts of topics from basic things like the definition of magic, to the use of a paperclip or a pencil as a magical tool.  Also, she starts Episode 1 talking about The Craft, which in case you didn’t know, is one of my favorite movies (and it’s just a great witchy movie of the 90s in general).  How could I not love this show? Velma is also a bibliophile, what I aspire to be in life, and has extensive knowledge of books, particularly those on metaphysical or witchy topics.

The podcast includes segments such as Hex Libris (for books), Practical Magic (no, not the movie), Herbal Witchery and Magickally Delicious (not to be confused with a cereal advert). I’m absolutely enchanted with this podcast, and personally agree with Velma on quite a few of the topics she discusses. She’s hosted guests from other prominent pagan podcasts (which I’ll probably end up reviewing at some point) and references other good shows while she presents her information.  Her website (link below) is pretty interesting to click around. The Hex Libris section really stands out as it provides links (with pictures!) to purchase all of the books Velma talks about on the show via Amazon.  There’s also an open forum associated with WBHH, where listeners or anyone else can sign up and ask questions and discuss witchy things that may or may not have been covered in episodes.

Witches Brew HaHa strikes an excellent balance between information for beginners and more experienced magical practitioners. Velma is usually very good about providing a brief explanation of certain terms, and points out valuable sources one could go to if just starting out on some sort of witchy path. She also makes it clear that she is open to listener questions or feedback, which is very helpful. Her exploration of more ‘advanced’ topics are really interesting and never boring, they go beyond just basic information and challenge perceptions or prior opinions, which is something I really adore about the show.

This podcast really is excellent, both for beginners and more experienced witches.  Velma really makes the show great and provides enough variety that it never gets boring, even if you’ve spent the majority of your day listening to back episodes.