The Craft in College: Introduction

by Liz

Here I’d like to introduce a series of articles I’ll be writing on practicing witchcraft (or other pagan stuff) in college, as I am still a college student for the time being. I’ve done a little poking about on the internet, and there are a few old resources on this topic, geared mostly toward Wicca, which haven’t been updated in years. My hope is that this series of articles can provide some insight into practicing a pagan path in a college setting and dealing with the various issues that may accompany that practice.

Here is an outline of the posts in The Craft in College series:

  • Dorms
  • Roommates
  • Tools
  • Student Organizations
  • Discrimination
  • Blending Witchcraft With School
  • Libraries

This is just a tentative list of topics that I definitely want to cover, if you have an idea or suggestion for something I should write about, please comment or e-mail me! I really look forward to writing this series of posts, and it will be another interesting way in which I can engage myself while at school (avoiding homework).