Hey, guess what?

by Liz

Yes, that’s right. As of 1:20AM on May 3, 2011 I officially have 666 views to my blog. Thanks to every lovely one of you who reads my humble blog! I just though this was too amusing not to memorialize…

Tomorrow, or later today I suppose – look for me making another batch of FTV,  as well as straining and bottling my first batch, making nourishing nettle infusion, photoshopping fancy labels for all of it, and generally making mischief (magical or otherwise). I’ll probably blog it all at some point tomorrow too , and may even hang out in my favorite Kent, OH graveyard. Look forward to a fun-filled post!

Oh, and in the mean time – have a song. This is Omnia’s Wytches’ Brew from their album Alive! and is one of my personal favorites: