The eve of a new semester…

by Liz

Hello blog! I’m finally back after an insane conclusion to the fall semester and an equally insane winter break. Not a whole lot of witchery has happened between my Halloween post and now (well, there has been some – and it was pretty interesting  and successful too, but it probably won’t get blogged about) but the spring semester is looking to be a little less work intensive than the fall was, so it should leave more time for crafting of all sorts, and I’m gaining a more positive outlook the more I think on it.

For those of you at all interested in the more mundane aspects of my life, I will be taking the following courses (as of now, the day before school starts): Introduction to Formal Logic, French Conversation, Feminism and Christianity, Contemporary French Culture and Politics of the Global Economy. French Culture is probably going to be the most work-intensive, but it’s only one day a week, and I have a few good friends in that class – so we should be able to get through it if we work together. Everything else should be relatively easy if I just keep on it (so I’m planning a variety of college-y magical goodness to aid in that pursuit, which I probably won’t blog about either).

On a more magical note: I have been cleaning / rearranging all the stuff I use in my craft – but I still need to put shelves on my walls because the lack of a permanent altar space is wearing on me, and certain things demand and deserve a permanent place in my home (which really means my room because roommate likes to touch things on altars in the common areas…). So, look forward to another post by the end of the week of my newly cleaned magical space and some of my recent magical acquisitions (from thrifting and a swap with my dearest darling Benjamin who is back in his Findlay stomping grounds). Oh, and by the end of the week I’ll have some new online shopping goodies too! *squees*

Oh and for chatting, feel free to hit me up on Twitter – which I’ll eventually link in the sidebar. I love talking to people of a magical persuasion on the Twitter!