The Witch

I am a witch and college student from northeast Ohio.  My magical alias (for internet places and so-forth) is Ancasta, but in person, I go by Liz. I’m a student at Kent State University (main campus) and am always excited to meet fellow witches and pagans who attend my college.

My current focus is primarily on learning, magically I trend toward European magical practices, but have been recently incorporating local (i.e. American / New World) traditions into my workings. I’ve also recently taken on some of the web-admin stuff over at my best friend Ben’s blog By Stag and Eagle, where I design / maintain the layout and do some editing / formatting on the side.

My friend Ben (Iolair) and I have recently been working on a podcast about our passion for making things to use in our magical lives.  Look more for this as we launch the podcast site.



Ancasta (Liz)