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In other news…

Dear Everyone,

What’s been happening with me? Well, not a whole lot that’s particularly interesting to most folk. To boil it all down: school started, I didn’t have an apartment, I spent the first 3 weeks of the semester sleeping on a friend’s couch, I found an apartment, all of my worldly possessions came into contact with mold thanks to some poor planning on the part of the storage unit I rented, I used lots of profanity, I threw things away, washed others, moved. I’m almost all the way unpacked, but trying to do schoolwork, feed myself, bathe, sleep, clean and unpack all at the same time is hard… especially now that I evidently have a social life. (When did that happen? Perhaps it’s indicative that I’m finally getting over some horrible experiences that happened over two years ago and can actually move on with my life.)

Well, that was a mouthful. In other news, now that I have a new apartment (and a freshly smudged bedroom at the time of composing this post) I can finally get down to business – witchy business. First on the agenda: whole-apartment cleansing and protection, which I’ll plan over the weekend and during next week to finally implement that following weekend.

Along the same line, I’ve bought myself a housewarming gift: a Bat Nut and Key Charm from House of Eleggua which will proudly take its place as one of the several protective elements I plan to introduce into my apartment. Here’s a photo taken from the listing:

Photo © Carolina Gonzales

I’m pretty thrilled with the purchase, and will definitely do a couple more posts on how I go about cleansing and protecting my home. As well as some shots of all the new goodies I’ve acquired over the summer, and my yet-to-be-assembled altars.

I think I’m back and I’ve missed reading other people’s blogs, commenting, and receiving comments. I’m also woefully behind on podcast episodes – so I’ve got some catching up to do, but I’m excited to get back into the swing of things!

Love, Liz


Welll… I was working on it.

And I got 1/3 of the way there… then it all sort of stopped. I think I’m going to have to take a hiatus from witchy blogging for the next month or so. There’s just no time for it here in Florida with my family.

To give you all an idea, in the 3 weeks I’ve been here:

  • My father been in the hospital twice (17 days total).
  • My grandmother had to go to the E.R. and get 15 stitches.
  • My mother is loosing her mind.
  • The house still isn’t unpacked.
  • My aunt and uncle aren’t really doing anything to help.

My job is basically to assist when needed, which is most of the time. And it’s about all I can do to help keep everything from imploding. Oh, and in a week I’m going on a Hawaiian vacation, 4 days after that I’m back on the road for home. I’ve pretty much lost all of my magical blogging motivation, I might get up to some witchy activities, but I probably won’t blog on them until I’m back in Ohio…

I’ll still be around on Twitter and reading / commenting on other peoples’ blogs, just not so much here. See you lovelies in a month!

Love, Liz

Working on it…

Yeah, I’m currently working on a 3 part blog post chronicling my recent road trip… oh, and blogging is hard (maybe I have writer’s block).

Also, Florida is hot. Really hot. And humid. Ew.

Have a song:

I should have things all straightened out soon, I miss blogging regularly.

More Botanical Crafting and Park Adventures in Kent

Well, yesterday I had grand plans of botanical crafting and some dark moon graveyard work… I got around to the botanical crafting (because really, all I needed was a kitchen, and my roommate was gone) but unfortunately some rainy weather kept me out of the graveyard yesterday, and I had a friend over.

All in all I managed to strain my previous batch of Four Thieves Vinegar, and craft a larger (protective) batch to share with Benjamin. He’s quite busy with finals, which is why you haven’t had any recent posts from him.  I also brewed up a batch of nourishing nettle infusion with some dried nettle I picked up at the co-op. Did I mention that it was ridiculously expensive? Seriously, $22.09/lb for dried nettle is just silly… but at least I feel like I’m supporting a local business, so I suppose it’s okay. In the future though, I’ll remember to only buy things I can’t wild-harvest in the city of Kent. Regardless, here’s a photo of the 3 completed brews:

Today I planned again to go to the graveyard, and I set out early in the afternoon to do so; the weather was better and the sun even came out now and again. When I got to the graveyard there were people there, much to my dismay… It seemed like they were attempting to beautify bits of it or something (which really wasn’t necessary, as you’ll see when I finally get around to photographing it) and rather than risk being asked questions, I set off onto the nearby hiking trail.

Over the mile or two that I walked I took well over 150 photos of plants before my camera batteries died and discovered patches of several easily-identified and usable herbs, most notably:  a giant patch of stinging nettle and several moderate-sized patches of coltsfoot.

There’s my giant patch of nettle. And yes, I’ve sort of claimed it as mine – but only because I had this immediate affinity for the plant. There’s actually this perfect little place on the top edge of the nettle patch which would be absolutely perfect for sitting and communing with the nettle.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the coltsfoot I came across. I don’t see it around much, but it is a really beautiful plant in all stages of flowering. One of the interesting things about coltsfoot is that it flowers before it develops leaves, so there are a bunch of budding a flowering stalks without leaves, and if you see coltsfoot leaves late in the summer then it is definitely past flowering. Here are some more pictures of the coltsfoot (did I go overboard taking pictures of it? perhaps…) :

The pictures loose a little bit when they get shrunken down, but I definitely suggest that you click on them as I’m quite proud of how gorgeously crisp they are. I also saw a bunch of other plants that I photographed, but I haven’t identified all of them yet – that will happen after I finish out the week (yes, I’ve been putting off schoolwork – what else is new?). Oh, and here are some general pictures of my walk, and the very swollen Cuyahoga River:

This concludes my very picture-heavy post which took me ages and ages to write… but that’s all on me. Enjoy the pictures!

Hey, guess what?

Yes, that’s right. As of 1:20AM on May 3, 2011 I officially have 666 views to my blog. Thanks to every lovely one of you who reads my humble blog! I just though this was too amusing not to memorialize…

Tomorrow, or later today I suppose – look for me making another batch of FTV,  as well as straining and bottling my first batch, making nourishing nettle infusion, photoshopping fancy labels for all of it, and generally making mischief (magical or otherwise). I’ll probably blog it all at some point tomorrow too , and may even hang out in my favorite Kent, OH graveyard. Look forward to a fun-filled post!

Oh, and in the mean time – have a song. This is Omnia’s Wytches’ Brew from their album Alive! and is one of my personal favorites: